The Rise of Ziyf

"I hide in this hole and sleep."


The adventures find themselves given instructions to find an ancient artifact, the Wing of Nevermore, within the dungeon. Promised weapons and fame from the town, the adventurers set off to find this artifact.

Nevermore’s Lair

The adventurers began by entering the dungeon. The walls were made of mithral and torches were placed and illuminated the hallways. They walked along and kept cautious. The hallway took a left and the adventurers followed, but there seemed to be an opening on their left.

The adventurers peeked in and saw three hungry wolves, ready to feast on any living flesh. The adventurers noticed them but the wolves, distracted by their hunger, seemed to be non-responsive at first. The adventurers took the opportunity to surprise attack the wolves.

An intense battle rose that resulted in 3 dead wolves and injured adventurers. Although the dust began to settle, Bruce ventured off a bit too far in the dungeon and 2 zombies heard Bruce’s footsteps.

The group did not have time to breathe and another battle broke out. After some retreating tactics and line of sight errors, the zombies fell and the adventures were exhausted

Deciding it was night time, the adventurers began to set up camp in the first room and began scheduling the shifts for sleeping. Sydnee the Ranger and Banondorf the Rogue tried to allow Bruce the Wizard and Nevos the Cleric to sleep a full 8 hours.

Unfortunately, due to Sydnee and Banondorf drowsiness, the room was infiltrated with a gargoyle, a skeleton, and a goblin. The adventurers were quickly awoken and a battle broke out.

A large battle broke out with Nevos falling in a hole, staying in there to try and sleep, but that plan gets thwarted when a skeleton finds him and kills him in one swift blow. Bruce, afraid of death, began retreating towards the entrance of the dungeon. Banondorf, trying to find vulnerable points on the enemies, continued to sneak attack and expose the enemies. Sydnee, moving swiftly and gaining line of sight, began shooting and taking out enemies.


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